BioHack Academy 4 – Week 3

If you want to culture happy thriving microbes, maintaining the right temperature is key. The cell’s state, as well as enzyme reactions and DNA interactions rely on temperature. The optimal condition varies among microbes: Slime mold and mycelium like 25℃, Janthinobacterium lividum prefers 15℃ etc. An incubator is like a fridge that maintains the temperature you set it to.

The incubator design from BHA4 is here. It is a temperature controlling system which can be placed in a box and consists of a heating pad, temperature sensor, and a fan that circulates the heat.

This incu-vader is something I’ve made before, which uses a light bulb as a heat source. 60℃ is the highest temperature I’ve used it at. My documentation is here.
NOTE: Since the box is made of styrofoam and is flammable, whenever I use this I don’t leave it unattended and I never leave it on over night.


After a hard day’s work of learning electronics, we appreciated microbes by indulging in some wine and cheese. Some of the graduates from last year’s BioHack Academy were also able to joined us 😊



Who knew wine tasting was so hard!


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