BioHack Academy 4 – Midterm presentations

We had midterm presentations where the participants presented their ideas for personal projects! Our presentations are in two parts. From 0:36:36 (20 minutes) and 2:22:08 (10 minutes).

I’ve taken the liberty of adding temporary taglines to summarise the projects…

  • Micro sakura zensen: Cultivating the cherry blossom front in a micro world by Akio Ohta
  • Microbial fireworks: The smallest fireworks show in the universe by Sayaka Shimada
  • Biohacking for Subversion: Tagging buildings by growing the middle finger by Alvin Cheung
  • Techno Witchcraft: Discovering terrestrial possession through our microbiome by Hiroo Komine
  • Sprout Display: Growing (and eating) a shape-changing structure with radish sprout leaves by Yasuaki Kakehi
  • Microbial tag with paramecium and brine shrimp / Growing Shibuya’s mold on an agar city by Natsumi Saito
  • BioRhythm Clock: Marking the passage of time with microorganisms by Shin Hanagata
  • Microbial Networking Service: A hole new way of interacting with microbes by Kai Naito

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