BioHack Academy 4 – Week 6

A culture medium has the necessary nutrients for microbes to grow. This week we made nutrient agar to grow samples of bacteria and mold that are collected from our surrounding environment. Our instructions for making the agar is documented here. All of the ingredients reagents we used can be purchased from the supermarket: agar, protein powder, salt etc.


For some reason this analog ancient scale was the only one we could find. Which works fine, you just need to patiently wait for the pointer to stop swaying after you pour in the reagents. After mixing all of the reagents in a flask, we warmed it up with a microwave of our time.


While we waited for the agar to solidify, some of us started to throw left over agar against the window? These biohackers be crazy…


Et voilà! A fine cuisine for the microbes to dine on in a petri dish sealed with parafilm. May the microbes live long and prosper.



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